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Ramos gin fizz

The Ramos gin fizz was invented by Henry C. Ramos and according to original instructions it should be shaken twelve minutes. Are you strong enough? Good luck.


60 ml Hernö Gin
15 ml Heavy Cream
15 ml lemon Juice
15 ml lime Juice
20 ml simple Syrup
2 dash Orange Flower Water
egg white from a whole egg
soda water


Mix everything except the soda water in a shaker and shake it for about 1 minute. Then again and again. Add ice. Shake again and again and again. Pour 30 ml of soda water slowly to a highball glass and start building your Ramos. Let it take time, don’t stress, a Ramos takes time. Strain a little bit more. Are you done? Probably not. Add more soda to the shaker to get more froth. Are you done? Maybe. You decide.