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Gin Botanicals

Juniper berries

Certified organic juniper berries from Macedonia is the primary flavouring in Hernö Gin. The name gin has evolved from the older English word genever, related to the French word genièvre and the Dutch word jenever. All deriving from juniperus, the Latin for juniper.


Meadowsweet from Poland, certified organic, adds a floral complexity to Hernö Gin. Also known as ”queen of the meadow” meadowsweet was a favorite of Elizabeth I of England who desired it strewn on the floor to give her room a pleasant aroma.


Certified organic coriander seeds from Italy adds fresh, crunchy green, spicy notes to Hernö Gin. In Chinese folklore those who consume coriander seeds will be rewarded with immortality. We can't promise you that. Let's just say that it contributes to a taste to remember forever.


Cassia from Indonesia, certified organic, is adding a dark spicy palate to Hernö Gin. Also known as Chinese cinnamon, cassia belongs to the same family as cinnamon and is somewhat like it in taste and smell. Cassia is much more complex though.

Black pepper

Certified organic black pepper from Sri Lanka gives Hernö Gin citrusy, woody and floral notes toghether with a careful spicy finish that lingers. Once upon a time, before Vasco da Gama showed us the way to India, pepper was so valuable that it was used as currency in Europe. Today we treasure it for making Hernö Gin complete in taste.


Natural Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, certified organic, enhance the flavour of Hernö Gin. The farmers in Madagascar pollinate the vanilla flowers by hand on the one and only day the flowers are open and tattoos their unique mark on every individual vanilla bean. Craftsmanship to be treated with respect.

Lingon berries

Certified organic lingonberries from Sweden, very sour but contradictory containing a big amount sugar, adds a mellow sweetness to Hernö Gin. A rich and full flavour characterize the lingonberry that prefer cool summers and gets sweeter if harvested after the first frost. The heating starts in the distillery and extracts the very best of the berry.


Fresh lemon peel from certified organic Spanish lemons, carefully selected and peeled by hand at the distillery, gives Hernö Gin the characteristic fresh citrus notes. Long ago lemon juice, rich in vitamin C, was added to seamen's diets to prevent scurvy. We have plenty of lemon juice preserved after the peeling process, so we should stay healthy.


Feel free to download our recipe booklet in Swedish for inspiration. English version is yet to come. Cheers!

Recipe booklet (SWE)