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As pioneers in the Gin world ten years ago, we chose the countryside and to create organic gin with inspiration from the nature in the World Heritage The High Coast of Sweden. We still do. It is part of our origin to do things in a natural way. As well as in the way we work as in the way we are. Following this path, it is our aim to take vital steps to reduce our footprint. Stay tuned.



Following the steps of those who farmed our land before, we use water from our own well at the distillery in Dala. A source that has been providing generations with water for centuries and that today is securing clean water of superior quality thanks to nature’s own purification system: A geology shaped during ice age.

Thanks to ice age we use pure and naturally filtered water in our gin as well as in the chilling process. Through a closed loop system we’re able to give back pure water to the very same land where it came from: The fields surrounding Dala.

Transporting water from the city is not an option. By using water from our natural source in Dala we make less footprint.



Hernö Gin is an organic gin inspired by the nature in the World Heritage The High Coast of Sweden using organic botanicals from all over the world, organic spirit made from Swedish wheat and water from our own well in Dala. The result is a gin with round juniper character, fresh citrus notes and a floral complexity. Organic. Tasteful. And so palatable that it is perfect to enjoy neat. This is our aim from the very first day. And will always be.

Carefully selected organic botanicals are securing the very best in quality and taste as well as sustainable agricultural production and social responsibility.



The very place where we create our organic gin with inspiration from the nature is also the best place in the world to experience Hernö Gin. Right here, we’re developing the destination Hernö Gin, Home of Swedish Gin with care for nature, animals and human beings. Gently, close to nature and sustainable. With our long-term goal to develop an international destination for gin experiences, we want to attract visitors from near and far to our distillery in Dala and to the city of Härnösand. And we’re on the right track.

We strive to grow with minimal impact on human beings and environment and to preserve the greatness in running our business in a small village. To preserve the beauty of the countryside. Everything started here. And this is the very place where we want to thrive in the future.