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Crafted from natural and carefully selected organic botanicals, Hernö Dry Gin is a round and smooth London dry gin diluted to 40,5% ABV. Hernö Dry Gin is awarded with IWSC World’s best London Dry Gin and World’s best Gin & Tonic but is also very enjoyable on its own.


NOSE: Hernö Dry Gin has a round juniper character, fresh citrus notes and a floral complexity.
PALATE: A rich and lightly oily texture characterizes Hernö Dry Gin. Fresh, crunchy green and spicy notes of coriander. A mellow sweetness combined with vanilla and cassia bark.
FINISH: Hernö Dry Gin lingers on with long-lasting citrus and juniper with a hint of black pepper.



Hernö Old Tom Gin is made from the same distilled gin as Hernö Gin, but with an extra amount of Meadowsweet added in the distillation and after diluting it down to 43% we add a touch of sugar. The sweetening lifts the floral notes, releases an array of juniper and makes the gin even smoother.


NOSE: Hernö Old Tom Gin is full-bodied with bright, juicy, juniper and floral notes.
PALATE: Super-smooth texture with a light sweetness and botanical notes. An array of juniper, green and crispy, followed by notes of pine flowers.
FINISH: A floral sweetness combined with long-lasting juniper characterizes Hernö Old Tom Gin.



Hernö Navy Strength Gin, a bold flagship rich in flavour, is made from the same distilled gin as Hernö Gin, but diluted to 57% instead of 40,5%. The difference in aroma and taste is very clear and Hernö Navy Strength has an overall richer flavour with bolder juniper, coriander and citrus.


NOSE: Hernö Navy Strength Gin has a bold juniper character with fragrant citrus, fresh and peppery notes.
PALATE: Sappy with crisp juniper followed by spicy citrus and spring floral notes. A lot of flavour with sippable texture and a little warmth.
FINISH: Hernö Navy Strength Gin is spicy and peppery with a mellow warmth, a long and lingering, yet smooth, finish.



Hernö Juniper Cask Gin, the first gin in the world matured on juniper wood casks, is made from the same distilled gin as Hernö Gin, diluted to 47% ABV and gently matured for 30 days in juniper wood casks. The maturity gives more intense juniper notes finished with a long harmonious hint of citrus peel.


NOSE: Fresh woodiness and junipery pine with soft citrus blossoms.
PALATE: A sublime thick texture with gentle dryness. A lot of green juniper upfront with herbal pepper, followed by a mild vanilla sweetness.
FINISH: Aromatic citrus and floral notes of coriander before a long lingering finish of sappy juniper.



Hernö Pink BTL Gin is an organic London Dry Gin, no additives such as colour, artificial aromas or sugar. Gin shouldn’t be coloured as a marketing gimmick. Hernö Pink BTL Gin is a fruity and floral gin yet juniper predominant. Distilled with a total of eight organic botanicals including juniper, strawberries and rose petals. Bottled at 42%.


NOSE: Loads of juniper upfront, crisp green forest. Fresh citrus and red fruits, a bit spicy.
PALATE: Floral start followed by an array of sappy juniper, red fruits and coriander. A citrus forward gin with underlying spice and cassia.
FINISH: Strawberries linger together with juniper and spicy notes, a mellow warmth and long finish.



Hernö Sloe Gin is made from Hernö Gin and infused with organic sloe berries as a traditional Sloe Gin. A ruby red dream matured for three months together with ripe berries. Finally sweetened to achieve the perfect balance between the gentle dryness of the sloes and the floral freshness of Hernö Gin. Enjoyable on its own and goes very well in a Gin and Tonic.


NOSE: Soft, floral blackthorn with a gentle sweetness of vanilla. A touch of nuttiness and mellow woody notes.
PALATE: A jammy sweetness up front before the flavour gradually gets dryer and tarter. Notes of meadowsweet with a floral creaminess.
FINISH: Hints of dried flowers and hay along with a creamy nuttiness and dry berries. Gentle, but lingering, with a little tartness.

Editions: Produced in batches of about 1 800 bottles, 30% ABV.



01: Interpretations by Hernö Gin is a collectors series of gin with a creative twist. First out was Hernö Julie Rouge Dry Gin inspired by The Caribbean, matured in a rum cask. Palate: Crunchy juniper upfront, spice and sweet flowers with underlying notes of cinnamon and tropical fruits.

02: The second, Hernö Eighteen Ninety One Dry Gin, is a homage to the Swedish akvavit heritage with Hernö Gin matured 60 days on casks that earlier held 18 year old O.P. Anderson. Palate: Sweet notes of vanilla, fennel and caraway with underlying fruit, citrus coming in at the end.

03: The third interpretation, Hernö Botany Bay Dry Gin, is a colab with Four Pillars in Australia and a botanical’s dream uniting two worlds. Palate: Juniper comes through an array of candied citrus and eucalyptus. A floral pepperiness, soft pink pepper.

04: For our 10th anniversary Hernö Artisan Ten Gin, matured on birch casks, is launched as an homage to Dala and a decade of joy creating gin and with the birch as a symbol for being a pioneer just like us. Palate: Vigorous juniper fading over to distinct woody notes rounded off by a thick floral sweetness from the birch and meadowsweet.

05: There is an old saying that reads ”Good things take time”. With our fifth interpretation, Hernö Slow Sloe Gin, we wanted to stretch both time and ourselves further with a total of eight full months to mature. First we let our Hernö Dry Gin mature with ripe sloe berries to create our Hernö Sloe Gin, then we let it mature four months on the same casks that we use to create our Hernö Juniper Cask Gin. Palate: Fruity with intense juniper and fresh juniper wood. A little sweetness and a mellow texture.

06: Besides the passion we carry for gin in Dala, we have a craze for sweet vermouth. After a vast journey through a red ocean of the lovely sweet potion, we found Giancarlo Mancino in Turin. Giancarlo is a true pioneer and eventually became a dear friend of Hernö Gin. Obviously it was only a matter of time before we wanted to mature our gin in one of Mancino’s casks. The result is a gin with rich taste of juniper, dried fruit and oak with a spicy finish.

2019, Hernö Jolie Rouge Dry Gin. 849 bottles. 45.2% ABV. Sold out.
2019, Hernö Eighteen Ninety One Dry Gin. 3,500 bottles 41.1 % Sold out.
2020, Hernö Botany Bay Dry Gin. 6,863 bottles. 43 % ABV. Sold out.
2021, Hernö Artisan Ten Gin. 1,921 bottles. 45.7% ABV. Sold out.
2022, Hernö Slow Sloe Gin. 1,066 bottles. 40% ABV. Sold out.
2022, Hernö Dalarosso Dry Gin, 1,084 bottles. 48,1% ABV. To be launched on November 23.



Hernö High Coast Terroir is a vintage gin distilled with locally picked botanicals. The 2022 release is a tribute to classic garden plants in The High Coast of Sweden, heroes that survive in a harsh climate. Hernö High Coast Terroir Gin 2022 is flavored with rhubarb root, gooseberry and blackcurrant twig together with sorrel, spruce shots and of course juniper berries. To be launched in Sweden on Monday 29.


NOSE: Intense herbal notes with brittle twigs with a underlying presence of juniper.
PALATE: Spicy opening with distinct juniper and spruce, evolving to herbal notes.
FINISH: Round and smooth sweetness and fruitiness.

2016, 212 bottles, 45.5% ABV. Sold out.
2017, 399 bottles, 44.1% ABV. Sold out.
2018, 1.058 bottles, 46.8% ABV. Sold out.
2019, 716 bottles, 44.3% ABV. Sold out.
2020, 420 bottles, 43.8% ABV. Sold out.
2021, 846 bottles, 44% ABV. Sold out.
2022, 793 bottles, 44.9% ABV. Sold out.



Hernö Sipping Gin, cask matured Hernö Gin aged in casks used before to refine other goodies, stared as a unique project to strengthen the tourism in our region and attract visitors to our little corner of the world. The launch of this limited edition rewards people who visit High Coast Whiskyfestival and Hernö Gin Open House by giving visitors the first opportunity to order. As a result of changed behaviors due to Covid-19 the launch 2022 will be national, on June 15 at Systembolaget in Sweden.

For Hernö Sipping Gin #1.6 we let our classic Hernö Dry Gin mature 60 days on port casks from Caves Santa Maria. The result? A palate of oak, butter, vanilla, nuts and dates, finished with long lingering spicy oak.


NOSE: Oak leading on the nose. A floral push followed by almond and caramel, butter and vanilla. An underlying note of crunchy juniper.
PALATE: Floral and juniper forward. A rich texture with nutty notes and dates. A little sweet and peppery.
FINISH: Citrus with clear notes of meadowsweet and juniper. Long lingering spicy oak.

2016, Hernö Sipping Gin #1.0. Box Whisky Cask 152. 48,1% ABV. Sold out.
2017, Hernö Sipping Gin #1.1. Box Sherry Cask. 756 bottles. 46,3% ABV. Sold out.
2018, Hernö Sipping Gin #1.2. Laphroaig Cask. 787 bottles. 45,3% ABV. Sold out.
2019, Hernö Sipping Gin #1.3. Ardbeg Cask. 1.904 bottles. 49,1% ABV. Sold out.
2020, Hernö Sipping Gin #1.4. High Coast Whisky, Bourbon Cask. 798 bottles. 46,4% ABV. Sold out.
2021, Hernö Sipping Gin #1.5. Brännland Iscider Barrique, Sauternes cask. 1.450 bottles. 45.1% ABV. Sold out.
2022, Hernö Sipping Gin #1.6. Caves Santa Maria, port cask. 1.003 bottles. 43% ABV. Sold out.



Hernö Gin Cocktails is a series of handcrafted gin cocktails ready to drink. First out is Hernö Word! Gin Cocktail, launched in May 2021, expressed with Navy Strength. Hernö Word! Gin Cocktail is our take on the classic cocktail Last Word, first introduced around 1920 and reincarnated 2004. Today trending in bars.


NOSE: Voluminous scent of star anise, allspice, rosemary, mint, almonds, cocoa and cherries.
PALATE: erbaceous, sweet, ripe fruit, candied cherries, anise, lemon peel, peppermint, vanilla.

2021, Word! 996 bottles, 44% ABV. Ingredients: Hernö Navy Strength Gin, Green Chartreuse, Maraschino Liqueur. Sold out.
2021, Mart!nez. 1,250 bottles, 35% ABV. Ingredients: Hernö Old Tom Gin, Mancino Vermouth Rosso Amaranto, Maraschino Liqueur, bitter.



Hernö Blackcurrant is a limited edition spirit drink made from Hernö Gin that has been infused with bucketfuls of ripe blackcurrant berries. Matured for a couple of days with the berries and then pressed. Finally sweetened to enhance all the flavours of the fruit. Enjoyable on its own and lovely to serve in a French 75.


NOSE: Bright, crisp blackcurrant with a hint of jammy tartness and a soft floral sweetness.
PALATE: Juniper up front followed by an emerging range of complex flavours of the fruit, bold blackcurrant and sweetness with a hint of green notes of the leaf.
FINISH: A long finish, with a definite dry tartness and a touch of acidity followed by a hint of nuttiness.

2016, 2.010 bottles, 28% ABV. Sold out.
2017, 2.000 bottles, 28% ABV. Sold out.
2018, 900 bottles, 28% ABV. Sold out.
2019, 5.000 bottles, 28% ABV. Sold out.
2023, to be launched.